Healthy, Energetic, Ready, Outstanding, Enthusiastic Schools.


The SWAT groups are organized and operated by students within participating HEROES high schools. The student members assess the health needs of its school community; identify priorities and then plan health promotion strategies and activities that build healthy skills and knowledge. Each SWAT group has a staff/teacher advisor, known as the SWAT Commander, who provides assistance and help facilitate the team.

After the high school SWAT team assesses the school environment, the team then decides what kinds of health issues they would like to tackle within their own schools. Anti-bullying campaigns, healthier foods in the cafeterias, healthier vending machine choices, more access to physical activity during the school day, and organizing student health fairs are some of the priority areas that students undertake as projects.

A Community SWAT group also meets monthly. SWAT groups from each participating high school are invited to attend a monthly meeting to network with other high school students and find out what they are doing to help make a healthier culture within their high schools. The Community SWAT group looks at the needs within the community, plans a project, and works together, as a group, to better the health and wellness of their community.