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Spotlight School recognition

Chrisney Elementary has an amazing, active supporter for their initiative, their principal, Julie Kemp. She not only encompasses the initiative into a whole-child educational approach, she also integrates it into the support of her staff. Her personable, motivating support to her staff to continue living healthier lives outside the walls of teaching is one key to her success in developing an overall healthy culture at Chrisney Elementary.

Healthy Cafeteria Club recognition

The environment at Nancy Hanks Elementary cafeteria has quite a healthy buzz! The cafeteria now offers a free fruit and veggie bar for all students with a tray lunch. This new option provides many vegetable choices for salad toppings but is also available to supplement a tray lunch. The cafeteria staff shows excitement to offer this variety of fresh options for students and staff which pairs nicely with the focus on SuperFood HEROES. In addition the cafeteria supports offering healthy options for the new snack cart.